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Kate Beckinsale was born to famous Judy Loe and Richard Beckinsale in the year 1973 in England. Her childhood and schooling were all completed in England. During her childhood she had passion for writing, although her mother and father both were from the background of acting. For her passion of writing, in her childhood, she won twice the W.H. Smith Young Writer’s competition. Her adolescence was not very quiet rather it was turbulent, however, gradually she decide to take up the profession of an actor. Some of the Kate Beckinsale posters available online are of the time when she debuted her acting career in, “One against the Wind”, a TV film about World War II. Later, although she had love for acting, she decided to broaden her views and thus took up studies over acting. During the first year of her college she received a big break in “Much ado about nothing” and got acclamation from critics for the film in 1993. In the meantime, she was continuing both acting and later. Gradually as time proceeded she had to decide among his acting career or schooling. This time she chose her flourishing career over studies and decided to make acting her profession. Her looks is like a dive and that’s why Kate Beckinsale posters are very much in demand more than her films. Although not much of her films did good, her acting in the stage has always made her love her profession. She has portrayed different characters but in 1995, she got offer for her big film, the romance and horror movie “Haunted” in which she starred opposite John Gielgud and Aidan Quinn that was filmed in West Sussex. In her personal life she had relation with Michael Sheen and had a daughter, Lily in the year 1999. Later during 2003, this relationship ended and she got an affair with Wiseman. Later they got married and presently live in Los Angeles. Apart from her acting career, Kate also does some humanitarian work at British Heart foundation. She claims that charity work makes her rejuvenated to do more in her life.Google+