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Joshua Winslow "Josh" Groban or Josh Groban is a 34 year old US singer, lyricist, actor, as well as record producer. He is one of the most followed singers in the recent times, who had mainly concentrated on solo music, though moved later on to come out with albums with stalwarts like Celine Dion and the likes. Nevertheless, even after a sizeable amount of experience in the musical world, he still bears an innocence of newcomer in his face and body language and that is his USP that is used to the fullest in the Josh Groban posters by those behind the camera. If you have a look at the posters, the innocence of his face will be very much palpable. His blonde black hair, his childish smile, his tinge of inquisitiveness and above all – his innocence cast a spell on you and you start loving this wonderful person. His posters are special. Since is a singer he never goes to expose his muscles and body and his torso to gain attraction – especially from the opposite sex. He is a singer and that is what he keeps in mind while posing for the posters. In almost all of them, he appears fully dressed in the most ‘civilized’ way – either in formal or in casual attire – indoor or outdoor. The posters are special because they are simple, and intrinsic, to present Josh in exactly the way he wants them to. Some of the posters are colored and some are black and white. In addition, some have been ‘photoshopped’ but all maintaining that simplicity and professionalism that has been the cornerstone of the Josh Groban posters. A closer scrutiny of the posters will reveal that the backgrounds have been purposefully designed. None of them is out of this world or is framed. They are natural as well as very much familiar. However, they are used in a very surreal way to provide the photos and the Josh Groban posters a special look and feel. They are cleverly designed in such a way that they gel with the personality of Josh in a seamless way and that is where they are a bit different.