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Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levit or simply, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a 34 year old American actor, singer as well as a filmmaker, whose acting career started when he was child artist. Hence, it is no wonder that this person is one of the most senior and most seasoned actors in Hollywood today. He is a fantastic actor – there is no doubt in it. The fact that he as has been acting since his childhood days makes his one of the most experienced performers as well. This also makes this handsome and almost young talent a talented and promising young celebrity. All these provide Joseph a world of self confidence and it is this self confidence that comes out through the Joseph Gordon-Levitt posters. He is a terrific actor and his acting prowess has a tremendous fan following. He knows that and that is the reason, he appears in his posters accordingly. Lust look at his posters and you will find the difference. Each of his posters has a cinematic interpretation or flavor inseparably associated with it. Firstly, let us deal with how he looks. He is not spectacularly handsome if I may say so. However, he is rough and tough – something that makes his face an instant hit on the screen as well as in posters. Perhaps, that is also the reason why he is famous for his cameo roles in the action packed films he appears in. Joseph gels well with guns and knives, action and all the muscle wielding roles that he plays. In order to continue with where he leaves off on screen, he picks up the same gauntlet while appearing on the Joseph Gordon-Levitt posters. He has the same vigor, roughness in his looks, calm yet highly aggressive flavor in his poses, the way he dresses, the way he looks and the way the posters are designed. Even the cameramen also hit the same right chord. Almost all of his posters are dark, with darkish, dull background, the graphical display of posters, somewhat offering a shadowy and murky ambience, with an equally dim presence of Joseph, gelling well with that ambiance, and creating a mysterious, shadowy aura all around him. And that is the specialty of the Joseph Gordon-Levitt posters.Google+