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The best way to shoot for any swim wear is not by using the skinny models, rather now the choice is for curvaceous ones. And once you see the Jordan Carver posters, you can get your answer that no other model than be better than her. She is a German born glamour model who is now based in America for giving shape to her career of a model and actress. Having parents belonging to Italian and German descants, she was born in Trier in Germany. She had an elder brother and after graduating from the secondary and vocational school, she started working as a hotel manager. Working these she felt that she must enter the modelling world. Before she got fame she has tried out different things and finally saw the face of success. Like, before joining as a model, she worked as a beautician behind the scene and also as a make-up artist for a French cosmetic company. After she met a photographer she decided that she would be a model, as she was encouraged by the photographer to be one. She immigrated to America and settled there in Los Angeles, California pursuing her dream to be a model. In 2010, featuring in her own website, she launched her modeling career in the year 2010. She features glamorous photos, shoots, and videos that can catch eye of the designers. Apart from posing in her own magazine, she also featured other magazine publications too. She became more famous within short time for her breasts that were much larger than the other models. Her otherwise slim figure carried these nicely as many can see in the Jordan Carver posters. Gradually her carrier took wings and in February she posed for Zoo Weekly, a British men’s magazine. During June, she was found posing nude for an Italian Fetish magazine, Alula. Among all these she was also getting popular at her own country Germany. In the late 2012, she released her Yoga workouts DVD that encouraged people to be fit and fine. She has been spokesperson for many shows and also acted in many full length movies.