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Johnny Depp or John Christopher Depp II is a reputed actor, producer, and musician. For his immaculate styles and acting, he is known as the ‘sexiest man alive’. He was born in Owensboro, Kentucky on 9th June 1963. The forte of this talented American, however, is not limited to acting only. He is first a musician and then he is an actor. In spite of his busy acting life, he has managed to record songs for as many as 25 albums in last 20 years. He started his professional career as a rock musician when he worked in collaboration with a band called Rock City Angels. During this time, Depp used to do other odd jobs as well to sustain the living of his and his family. The first acting break that Depp got was on the Fox TV series 21 Jump Street where he played the lead role. It was during this period that Johnny Depp started getting recognized as a Teen Idol and his popularity started soaring high. Depp’s first venture in movies was with the 1984 classic horror ‘A nightmare on Elm Street’. His first release in a lead role, however, was ‘Cry-Baby’ in 1990. In this Depp showed the class of his acting while playing the character of Wade Walker. After this, he never had to look back. He was critically and commercially acclaimed for his natural and out of the box acting. The reason behind his success is that he has always chosen roles without thinking about the success of the box office. He has worked in only those films that he thought offered him an interesting and challenging character to play. Johnny Depp is regarded as one of those few Hollywood actors who has always played offbeat characters and have played them well. Some of the most notable characters played by Depp include Mad hatter in Alice in Wonderland, Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean series, Wade Walker in Cry-Baby, Don Juan in Don Juan de Marco, Ed Wood in Ed Wood, Tom Hanson in 21 Jump Street and many more. The many faces of Depp can be seen in the Johnny Depp posters. While Depp is yet to receive an Oscar for his acting, he has received a plethora of other awards that include 12 People’s Choice Award, 4 MTV Movie Award, 1 Golden Globe Award, 1 Screen Actors Guild Award. The Johnny Depp posters that are available at show the actor in different moods and action. His boy like image from yesteryears, his photos with different types of beards, and many other single photos of the actor are available. The color and grayscale Johnny Depp posters reflect different moods of the actor while he is seen walking, sitting or posing at the red carpet. Just like the man himself, the Johnny Depp posters are equally charming, attractive and have that sexy appearance. If you are an ardent fan of this versatile actor, order for Johnny Depp posters without any further delay at and get your own copy now. Our huge collection of professional and personal pics of Johnny Depp will leave you overwhelmed and happy. Placing an order is the easiest thing to do on Idposters as you will have to choose only the pics that you love the most. Opt for a suitable canvas quality and size and confirm the order by making an online payment. We will deliver your posters within the shortest possible time.