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Born as Marion Robert Morrison on 26th May 1907, John Wayne was an American actor, director, and producer. He was an epitome of rugged masculinity and was an idol for all Americans of those times. His height, his style of walking, his characteristic calm voice and mannerisms had ruled over a billion American hearts for several decades. While they were not widely available as these days, but John Wayne posters hung on walls of bedrooms was a common sight in most American houses those days. Early life and struggle In his childhood, Wayne was more inclined towards football and he got a scholarship to play football in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California as well. It was while playing football that he came into contact with the movie director John Ford through his coach. Under the guidance of Ford, Wayne started appearing as extras in films, gradually maturing himself as a better actor. Under the recommendation of Ford, John Wayne was signed for ‘The Big Trail’ in 1926, an epic that was made by Fox. His contract however was not renewed as the movie failed to achieve commercial success. Wayne had to wait for more than a decade to get his first major breakthrough in ‘Stagecoach’, the film that took his acting career to a completely different level. You will be able to get posters of the famous flicks in which John Wayne had made his appearances. We have a huge collection of many of his films and award ceremonies, so choose the one that you find most interesting and place an order for a poster on Professional career of Wayne After the success of ‘Stagecoach’, there was no looking back for John Wayne. Between 1926 and 1976 he appeared in as many as 170 feature films. As seen in most John Wayne posters, he was mostly known for cowboy roles played in the Westerners. Wayne also did quite a few war films as well that include ‘Sands of Iwo Jima’, ‘Flying Tigers’ or ‘Flying Leathernecks’ and many more. As his popularity started dropping in the late 60’s, as public was getting bored of the simplistically masculine characters played by Wayne, the talented actor escaped his own good- guy image in ‘True Grit’ that was released in 1969. Playing the antihero in this critically acclaimed film bagged the Academy Award to this veteran actor. John Wayne’s last and farewell film in 1976 was ‘The Shootist’ was a bigger success both at the box office as well as in winning over the harshest of critics. In the long film career of 50 years, John Wayne has been nominated and awarded multiple times at many Award functions. Some of the notable awards won by the actor include the Academy Award in 1970 for ‘True Grit’, 3 People’s Choice Award, Golden Globe Award for Best Actor for ‘True Grit’ and many more. Color and grayscale posters of this popular actor of the yesteryears are available at The John Wayne posters reflect different avatars of this versatile actor. You can find him dressed as a cowboy or as a soldier on the battlefield in the John Wayne posters. If you are a collector of classic vintage posters, you should definitely order some of the vintage John Wayne posters at without any further delay.Google+