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John Phillip Stamos is a 52 year old American Actor and musician. He is one of the most known and popular faces, particularly on the television. He is particularly known for his highly popular role as Jesse Catsopolis on the ABC Sitcom ‘Full House’. Now if you talk about the John Stamos posters, he has been appearing in posters since his youth. The most important aspect about his posters is simplicity. Yes, he knows that he is known for his performance in sitcoms. Hence, he never liked to look different in his posters. That is the reason, if you look at his posters right through the ages since he was a rising star till now, you will find each of them more than normal. The only thing you find in them is that while the posters of his teen years and youths were full of lavishness, all the then-new hairstyles and dress ups, the ones that have been created now and recently, are more sublime and orthodox, partly because he wanted to come out of that lavishness and exuberance of youth and partly because the hair styles and concept of appearing on posters have changed and transformed over the years. However, if you compare the John Stamos posters of the two ages, one thing will come in common is the wit and the spark of intelligence and a tremendous presence of mind that has made him a household name in the world of sitcom. He is very much free in front of the camera, in spite of the fact that he is not a model. He knows that he has to look lively and intelligent in front of the cameras, and leave out all the camera and light and shade tricks. This is for the fact that sitcom demands a direct interaction with the audience where the light and shades and the visual tricks have no role to play. That is why; you will find that in the John Stamos posters there is never the tricky backgrounds and the use of too much of graphics. The posers are simple and ordinary and at times, even old fashioned and that has made all the difference.Google+