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John Krasinski is a 35 year old American actor, director, screenwriter and producer. He not only one of the most famous names, but is one of the most handsome ones as well. He is intelligent, witty, aristocratic and extremely polished in his approach. That is extremely confident is quite evident from the way he talks, he poses in front of the camera, and the in the way he carries out his responsibility. He is immensely sober in his approach – with lively smile full of intelligence and wit, and that is what is palpable in the John Krasinski posters. Just take a look at his posters and you will have a mixed feeling about him. He is very smart and has a kind of macho image. However, he is smart enough not to show that off. Nor that he appears as an over smart guy who cares no one in this world, or a person who is self obsessed like many of the celebs that we see these days. So what do you find in him? You find in him resilience, calmness, soberness and most importantly, dignity and self-respect, which are the last things that he tends to, lose ever, in his life. That is what makes him so very special and his posters so very different in style and approach. You will never find him in any of the John Krasinski posters in an out of this world way. He stays absolutely on the ground, in normal social outfits, casual or formal, either looking straight at you with that bright intelligent pair of eyes and that fresh bit of smile in his lips, or you will see him chatting with someone in a very absorbing way. His body language and its soberness, his calm and composed approach, his simplistic yet highly stylish way of taking things are very much apparent in the posters. The photographers have done a great job by not doing too much with him and making the John Krasinski posters. They kept things normal while clinching his photos. You will find every single photo of John extremely bright. That has been purposefully done to be in tune with his bright and undeterred and absolutely clean and crystal clear approach.Google+