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It's very rare to see a combination of talents in one individual but if you know Jodie Louise Marsh, chances are very high that you won't be surprised. She is not just a media personality but also a glamour model and bodybuilder, all rolled into one. Her topless photographs have generated extreme response from her critics and fans. Her fans love to adorn their bedroom walls with Jodie Marsh posters. She is not just any other celebrity trying to hog the limelight but is a brand of her own.

Jodie started her professional career at an early age by working in various media houses as television presenter. However, as luck would have it, she was soon spotted by some of the top fashion houses in UK and offered lucrative modeling assignments. Later she appeared on several reality shows on the television, which includes Trust Me - I am A Holiday Rep, The Games, Fool Around, Back to Reality, Come Dine With Me, The Kevin Bishop Show, and Celebrity Big Brother. Jodie Marsh posters from the television reality shows are extremely popular with her fans.

Later in her career, she showed her interest in bodybuilding and started working out on a regular basis to develop a very well-structured body. Within a year of taking on bodybuilding, she featured in the LA Muscle TV and by 20011 Jodie even participated in the Natural Physique Association Bodybuilding Championships. Thus, she has a two decade long professional career marked by several highs!

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