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Jesse Williams posters, 47 items

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Jesse Williams is a 34 year old American actor, activist and model. He shot into fame for his role as Dr. Jackson Avery in the ABC TV series Grey’s Anatomy. Since then, he has become a household name and one of the mostly followed celeb personalities in America today. He is one of the most handsome guys on the small screen as well as big screen today. Besides, it is his acting prowess that has made him so popular. It is this popularity, which has made him a celebrity today. That is what he keeps in mind while posing for the photo shoots and that is what makes the Jesse Williams posters special. One thing that is very important about him is that, while posing for the posters he never – not even for a split second forgets that he is actually an actor. It is his acting prowess that has made him the celebrity today. That is the reason, he keep in simple in his posters. He never acts like a model in his posters. He either poses in a simple way – or sits straight – looking into your eyes – through the lens. His bright blue eyes, his tough and stubborn yet composed expression of his face, his controlled composure – all underlining the only and only fact that he means business. He is posing just to help the photographers do their job. Otherwise, his only focus is acting – the thing that he likes and does the best. In none of the Jesse Williams posters, he expresses over enthusiasm. Nor does he go out of the box to present himself. In most of his posters, he appears very simply – either in a formal dress or a tee or in a jumper. That gives him the guy next door looks who is so within your reach. The photographers do the justice to his thoughts as well. They refrain from doing anything out of the box. They keep it simple and very straightforward, to such an extent that the Jesse Williams posters at times look amateurish. However, believe me that is his style of working and is why he is so famous – simply for the difference that he makes.Google+