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Jesse McCartney is a 28 year old American singer, lyricist and an actor who shot into fame in the late 1990s. Frankly speaking, he is one of the cutest celebs to shoot into fame in recent times. In fact, if you look at the Jesse Mccartney posters, you will find him as the perfect kid (yes, kid) next door. That is the kind of stuff you have in him. He is cute, lovable, and innocent and it is these USPs that make him such a popular face today. The first thought that strikes you after a mere glimpse at his posters is that he has not yet past his teens, and hence, his childhood innocence. His blonde hair, his eyes, his puppet like cheeks, and his impish grin – all say that this kid is just the boy you need to spend some innocent time with. In some of his posters, he is seen smiling to his heart’s content. And when he does so, you can easily make out that he is just enjoying it in his own way. It’s just a kid’s day out in front of the cameras. In certain Jesse Mccartney posters, you will find him trying out his best to be different. In these posters, he is seen against darkish backgrounds, and he has tried to change his attitude and bring in more sense of purpose and a ‘manlike’ attitude in himself – but he couldn’t, to say the least. He is still that sweet little kid next door in those posters as well, in spite of the best efforts by the men behind the cameras. He is simply the guy whom a girl in her teens can fall for, and go out for a couple of dates. But still, he is not the one on whom you can depend. He is still short of that confidence – at least, going by what he appears like in the Jesse Mccartney posters. However, this does not mean he is a mere pushover. He is here in the tinsel town to be a horse of long race. He has ‘it’ in him and given some time, he will grow up to be one of the most handsome, dependable and one of the sexiest faces in the world of celebrities. There is nothing pretentious about it.Google+