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Jensen Ross Ackles or Jensen Ackles is a 37 year old American actor and a director. He is one of most promising young talents of America, and is a very handsome face that you will like at the very first site. If you are to describe this person you have a job cut out. Just have a look at the Jensen Ackles Posters and you will come to know that he is a different ball game. Jensen is definitely not the typical guy next door kind of a man. He has a stern personality that makes him different and puts him into that different league of extraordinary gentlemen, if I may say so. He is handsome and has an enchanting figure, which any woman will fall for. But strangely, none of his posters seem to have been made to display his muscles and the stout bareness of his body. He is there all right - but perhaps, in his own way. In some of the posters where he appears topless or bare bodied, he does not look like a typical model, out there to show how attractive he is. He is there on the posters in his own way, and that makes the difference. In the Jensen Ackles Posters where is just a celebrity, either seen posing with anyone else, or is seen talking to the reporters or attending press conferences, or in the ones where he appears for a special purpose (it may be promoting one of his films, or animal rights, or the ones in which he just featured an innovative poster), he is simply stunning in his approach. The personality, the sternness of his face, the composed body language and the aura of confidence that encompasses him makes you feel something special about this young talent. Whenever he speaks, you have to listen to him, whatever he does you need to take a look at it, and whatever he shows, you need to see it with him – that is what the Jensen Ackles Posters tell you. This is a man you cannot mess with, nor is he a man whom you can take casually, like the way you take some of the others out there.Google+