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If you are an admirer of James Bond, the world famous fictitious super spy, you would certainly want to hang a few James Bond posters in your room. James Bond is a fictional character who is a British Secret Service agent with the much famed code number of 007. He is being sent out on different missions by his boss ‘M’, who is the head of the British Secret Services. No matter how many challenges and evil minds he has to deal with, Bond always emerges out as victorious, thanks to his intelligence and the various gadgets that he gets to use, courtesy ‘Q’, the head of the research and development wing of the British Secret Service agency. Creators and creations The original creator of the character of this world famous spy was Ian Fleming who could write only 14 novels on the adventures of James Bond, before he died in 1964. After Fleming, John Gardener took up the role of writing authorized Bond novels who wrote 16 books before retiring in 1996. The baton of writing Bond novels was passed on to Raymond Benson who wrote six novels, three novelizations and three short stories till 2002. The character of James Bond has been filmed with many actors since 1962. Sean Connery began the legacy which was carried on by veteran actors like Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and currently Daniel Craig. There have been as many as 24 movies on James Bond. While every movie has made it big on the box office, yet the most popular ones are ‘Dr. No’, ‘Goldfinger’, ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’, ‘Octopussy’, ‘A View to Kill’, ‘Golden Eye’, ‘Die Another Day’, ‘Casino Royale’, ‘Skyfall’ and the latest one, ‘Spectre’ in 2015. James Bond – the ultimate man James Bond is known for four things – ultra modern gadgets, impressive cars, impeccable style and his stints with women. His extremely charming style of dealing with women, his impeccable dressing sense, and the various self defense techniques that he knows and applies, makes him the icon for any young man who wants to grow as cool as Bond. Bond dresses to kill is what his admirers think about him. The James Bond posters carry the machismo, elegance and charisma of the actors who have played the role of the appealing spy over the years. The charm of the character which makes him so likeable is clearly seen in the posters. Some of the James Bond posters also show the spy in the arms of the lovely ladies with whom Bond is seen flirting in all his movies. If you want to emulate the styles of this remarkable character, all you have to do is to order the James Bond posters at idposter.com and fill your room with the charisma and magnetic appeal of the most famous spy of the world, Bond, James Bond.Google+