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James Franco posters on “idposter.com” have fully covered all the major aspects of the personal, social and professional life of the actor and also consist of some elegantly taken photo sessions with him. James Franco has become synonymous with the Harry Osborne character he played in Spider man movie series. When you think of Spider man we get the image of his friend turned rival Harry Osborn along with the Spider image you have in your minds. James Franco posters are also a pure show of his handsomeness and classy lover-boy looks. Being a talented person as he is in various fields of the industry like acting, production, direction, story and screenplay writing has given him the complete film maker image which is reflected in his attitude filled with confidence and the same is seen in the collection of James Franco posters. James Franco has become a youth icon because of his individual style factor and elegance. He has many social involvements which include his teaching career at various educational institutions on screenplay and film making. Many photos related to this, his films, award functions, movie promos, television shows etc. are seen in the collection of his posters here.