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Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal or Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the most popular US actors in Hollywood today. With a number of blockbusters already under his belt, this 34 year old actor is being considered as a horse of long race and the versatility of his acting prowess has helped him earn this reputation in the fraternity of fans and film critics. Hence, it’s no wonder that the Jake Gyllenhaal posters would sell out like hot cakes. What is so special about his posters? Let us see. Firstly, Jake is smart and attractive. However, the most fascinating plus point about this actor is that he does not over-express himself. He poses in a natural way in his posters and that is what does the magic. In some of his posters, he appears casually – not shaven for a few days, in a tee and in a carefree mood. In that there is something that will grab your attention. He as a normal, stout figure like anyone of his age would have and that naturalism is his USP. In some of the Jake Gyllenhaal posters, you will find his bare bodied. He is neither possessive about it, or is shy to show it off, as it is not that voluminous like the present Hollywood musclemen. That is not his cup of tea. He is a normal guy, acts in a normal way, sans any mannerisms and that is the way he appears in his posters. He it seems has been able to put across this message to his photographers. None of the Jake Gyllenhaal posters have any out of this world tinge. Yes – you will find some in which you will see him standing against weird backgrounds, but that is only to highlight his composed and cool appearance. Otherwise, most of his posters are very much worldly, with Jake appearing in tees and jeans, full scale formal outfit for snowy US winters, and in some of them which are black and white, you will find his seamlessly merging with the dull, grey background to give a laid down tinge to the poster. It is this laid down and cool and composed approach, which makes him so special.