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Idina Kim Menzel, or Idina Menzel is a 41 year old American actress and singer, who became a popular face because of her role of Maureen Johnson, in ‘Rent’, the famous Broadway musical. She is one of the most beautiful and sensational faces in the world of film and music and so are the Idina Menzel posters. At 44, her beauty has only ripened, or in other words, has got more matured. She has a terrific voice and a wonderful acting skill. However, that is another story. Here we will discuss about her looks and the way she carries her in front of the camera. It’s not that she nowadays exposes too much. She knows how to seduce you without exposing, and without showing too much of skin. Her looks are enchanting. With her deep blue eyes and a majestic impish grin she is very much poised to win the hearts of her fans and followers like you, and she does that with a lot of acumen. Except for the posters of her shows and films, she does not appear shrouded by a cocoon of mystery in her posters. She is a straight forward person with a crystal clear personality and straight forward way of living and that is what she depicts in her posters. In the Idina Menzel posters she appears in a various types of outfit. That she is extremely fashion conscious is very much apparent from the ways she appears in her posters. She looks gorgeous in all types of dresses and attires, thanks to her ravishing figure and her tremendous sense of style and fashion, and her acumen to carry herself in those attires in the most prolific way. She has a tremendous positive vibe around her. He way of looking at the lens, her body language, aided by the way the photos were clicked, make the Idina Menzel posters something to look at and something to collect. In short, she is one of the most enchanting celebrities to stand in front of the camera. And lastly, her long flowing blonde hair makes her look more ravishing and attractive – with a difference of course!