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Ian Joseph Somerhalder or Ian Somerhalder is a 36 year old American actor, director as well as a model and is an extremely famous face in not only the US but in the rest of the world. Ian has become a household name for the supernatural TV series, “The Vampire Diaries.” This has helped the popularity of the Ian Somerhalder posters to shoot up. What are the specialties of his posters? The specialty of his posters lies in the blue magical eyes of Somerhalder, his majestic yet confident smile, his positive body language and of course, an enchanting personality that seems to engulf and overwhelm you from every aspect. He is confident about what he knows and what he feels like. He is confident and sure about his abilities and it is this confidence, which provides that positive vibe that is the USP of his posters. In some of the Ian Somerhalder posters, he looks marvelous in formal attires, while in some, he looks enchanting in casual outfits. He is in his mid-30s and he looks proud of that. He does not have any intention to hide his age in his posters, and that makes the posters more natural and him, more matured. He is too old to be the guy next door. He is surely the dream man of the middle-aged ladies on whom they can depend. This is one of the feathers in his cap. He looks enigmatically casual in his posters and the men behind the camera have utilized this mystery in the most opulent way. In most of the Ian Somerhalder posters, the background used is mysteriously dark – with black, bottle green, and grey, a collage of grey and golden, and deep purple being the major backgrounds. He knows how to utilize these darkish backgrounds in a proper way, bringing in sternness in his face. His acting prowess is very much palpable in the posters. In one of the posters, he is seen with a bloodied hand with a human heart, with streams of blood flowing all over from it. This is one of the most sensational posters in recent times, more so because of the mysterious harshness of his face, which is more than apparent.