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Hope Amelia Stevens, who is commonly popular as Hope Solo is the goalkeeper of United State’s national women’s soccer team and is also a two-time Olympic gold medalist. Naturally, she is one of the most popular faces of not only the sporting fraternity but of the youth community. This 34 year old player is indeed one of the most popular US sports personalities at present. Naturally, there is no wonder that the Hope Solo Posters will all be depicting her sporting prowess in the most prolific way. If you look at her posters, you will find her in National Jersey and in her Club jersey in most of them, donning the goalkeeping gloves and guarding the goal with great acumen and tenacity. In some she is seen in action, diving acrobatically to save a goal, in some she is seen practicing with her team and in some she is in posing in skimpy dresses just like a seasoned model, showing off her stunning figure, which is expectedly nice and gorgeous, strong but not devoid of the customary feminine beauty. There are some Hope Solo Posters where she has posed absolutely nude, but cleverly covering her assets just because she is a national sporting icon and would not like to bare it all in front of the camera. A look at her eyes and face will surely tell you about her perseverance and her determination. Perhaps her looks and the muscles of her face will also provide you a repertoire of emotion that is very much to do with the sport she loves and is involved in. She is not a flirt – she is a sportsman and hence her eyes and face do not have any dual meaning. She is as straight in her thinking and intention as an arrow. And truly, those behind the camera who were into shooting her images have left no mystery and have woven no web or a magic cocoon around her. Hence, you will not find any hide and seek of light and shadow in the Hope Solo Posters nor there is any intention of the cameramen and their subject to seduce or mesmerize the onlookers.Google+