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Hayley Westenra was the perfect choice as the UNICEF Ambassador because she isn't just a singer but someone who has succeeded in giving joy to millions of music lovers across the world. New Zealand born artist Hayley Dee Westenra got a taste of musical success in the year 2003 when her debut album Pure topped the classical charts in UK. The year 2006 witnessed a new chapter in her life when she joined the Irish band Celtic Woman. Hayley Westenra is the perfect example of a cross over musician wherein she has successfully experimented with pop, folk, classical music and even classical. She has performed her songs in multiple languages including Spanish, Latin, Japanese, Catalan, Taiwanese Hokkien, Chinese, Standard Mandarin, Māori, Irish, English, French, German, and Portuguese. Hayley Westenra posters are quite common in the homes and offices of music lovers in different countries. People love to collect her posters in order to show their favorite musician their support and appreciation. is one of the most preferred online printing service for people looking for celebrity posters, including Hayley Westenra posters. We have the best collection of photographs of celebrities, nature, sportspersons, buildings, cities, and even animals that can be printed as posters or on merchandises like coffee mugs, t-shirts, pillow covers etc. We have an amazing collection of Dakota Hayley Westenra's private and professional photographs.

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