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If you are looking for some posters that exhibit a seamless combination of innocent beauty and raw eroticism, you should look for the Hayden Panettiere posters. Here is one celebrity, who in spite of sporting a girl next door look and a face of innocence and a pair of eyes that is all but naughty, has been able to set men�s minds on fire by her sheer versatility that is extremely poignant as well as expert enough to conceal that innocence and come out all guns blazing, setting every quarter on the fire of raw seduction that counts in a very lustrous way. Yes, this is Hayden Panettiere, the 26 year old beauty, who is an American actress, singer, model, as well as a social activist. She has a wonderful face, which is expressive enough, full of life and eloquence, wit and a hint of sexuality, though in a very sublime way. Look at her face, and you will find a sea of innocence in her, with impish looks, a bunch flowing blond hair, and a smile as ecstatic as in a child. And there, the limit of innocence ends. You take your eyes further down, and you will find in her a beautiful flower unfurling to its fullest beauty! She has stunning figure � young and fresh and it is that freshness that makes the Hayden Panettiere posters so very special. You will not find her posing like seasoned campaigners in front of the camera like a few experienced ones. She is bright, and so are her posters. Even in those where she is in two pieces, or almost nude � she does not seem to be shy, nor is she over enthusiastic to show off her nudity. She keeps it simple and takes things in her stride, and that make the posters so very lively, especially against the live, bright background that you see against. Kudos to the cameramen as they have succeeded in keeping the freshness of this more or less untested apple intact, making the Hayden Panettiere posters something that will bring in fresh air in this industry where all the tried and tested games of eroticism are played over and over again.