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It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that Harrison Ford's movie roles have achieved a cult following. The famous American actor is known for playing incredibly powerful characters across many movie genres. The natural charisma and the ability to dive deep into the essence of characters have given him fantastic opportunities in Hollywood. Even though he is often playing a "tough guy" in the movies, there are many stories in his biography that made his fans respect him even more. The return to his most popular characters in the recent years has been a real pleasure for the adorers of his talent. It is not a surprise that Harrison Ford posters and other merchandise were popular since the mid seventies. His level of popularity has not declined and he has managed to stay relevant for more than five decades.

The first experience with Hollywood hasn't been positive. He was considered to be talentless, especially after his scenes were cut from the movie Zabrinskie Point. Disappointed with his career of an actor, he quit and took up the work of a carpenter. His potential was noticed by George Lucas and he cast him in the movie American Graffiti. From this point, the collaboration with Lucas has led to international fame. The role of Han Solo in the space opera Star Wars has turned him into one of the most popular and successful working actors in Hollywood. The status of a global super star was cemented with the role of Dr. Indiana Jones. Throughout his acting career he had the opportunity to collaborate with the best directors and actors working in the cinema industry, one of whom is Ridley Scott, who is responsible for the sci-fi neo-noir film Blade Runner. The popularity of his roles led to the filming of sequels and despite the age, he has been always ready to return to the portrayal of iconic characters. Everybody would be proud of wearing a Harrison Ford t-shirts that would show the level of appreciation for his talent and body of work.

Harrison Ford was nominated for many awards, including an Academy Award nomination for his role in the movie Witness. Few actors have achieved the privilege to choose the projects they want to take part in. Harrison is definitely one of those actors. If you want to celebrate the work of your favorite actor and decorate your room at the same time, then Harrison Ford magnets would be a perfect choice. Also, this would be a great gift for every connoisseur of quality cinema.