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Jelena Noura "Gigi" Hadid, more famous as Gigi Hadid is a 20 year old American fashion model as well as a renowned television personality. She is one of the cutest to appear on TV in recent years. If you look at the Gigi Hadid posters, the first thing that will cross your thoughts is – freshness. She is young and talented and that is what she has blended in a seamless way in her posters with a lot of intelligence. She has a beautiful face, which is ripe freshness and that is her USP – at least, as of now. We are not talking about what she will be – some 12 years from now. That is very much hypothetical. If you look at her, you will get a hint of her intelligence. She does not expose herself in that way in any of her posters. In those where she appears as skimpily-clad and even topless, she does not bare everything, but preserves – may be for the future – who knows? As of now, she appears in various innovative and colorful attires, which have only underlined her presence and personality in the Gigi Hadid posters in a big way. In some she appears in strong make up, and in some, she appears very casually. However, she, being young, has mastered the trick of appearing as a girl next door, already. This will go a long way when it comes to helping her during her interactions with the audience, when she appears on TV as a television personality. This is has been the motto of the photographers, during the making of the Gigi Hadid posters. In each of them, they have retrained from doing anything extra ordinary or out of the world and this have helped the posters to be simple – yet highly provocative. That is what she has intended as well during the making of her posters.