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Gerard James Butler or simply Gerard Butler is an extremely famous Scottish actor, who is famous for his performance on stage, on screen and on television. He is one of the most popular faces in USA as well as in Europe. With a photogenic face and a pair of bright eyes, with a highly intelligent intellect and a robust outlook, he is one of the most happening subjects for the men behind the lens, and truly that is the reasons the Gerard Butler posters are amongst the most creative ones, to be frank. He is seen in a number of poses, in a number of getups. He is not that handsome if you see it from the classical way. Still, he has a gem of a physique, a romantic look that women like and a rough and tough approach that is not unlikable for the women either. All these qualities merge seamlessly with each other to create that magic aura around him that makes him one of the most adored celebrities in the recent years. At 45, with a few grey hairs, and especially with an unshaven face, he is one of the most attractive faces you could reckon. In some of the Gerard Butler posters, the actor is found showing off his not-too-muscular-yet- fascinating physique, while in some he is in formal attire, while again in some others, he is casually dressed, to have a guy next door look, though he is not at all so. In fact, he has one of the most distinguished images, which help in to stand out from the lot. His personality, his body language, his ability to handle the camera and the tinge of confidence that drips from every inch of his body say it all - that is here to conquer and to leave a mark that very few will dare to touch. The Gerard Butler posters say it all – unmistakably. The photographers who are lucky enough to snap his photos utilize his extremely camera friendly attitude to come up with some of the most awe-inspiring posters that do justice to his manhood.