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George Clooney is truly a star of international caliber. He isn't known just for his movie roles, because the level of involvement in different projects is huge. His impeccable looks, charm and talent are what made him a perfect hero for many films. He has a long list of awards and nominations, but fans really love him for his incredible personality and smart approach to everything he does. The sales of George Clooney posters and other merchandise are as high as ever, but we can say for certain that he doesn't show any signs of stopping. Fans as well as prominent movie critics all around the world are early waiting for the roles and new project from this celebrity.

Initial success came when he was cast in the role of Dr. Doug Ross in the ER TV series. He took part in this project for 5 years and played a cameo role in the last season. He has definitely shown enough skill and talent to get noticed by Hollywood producers. His next role was in the movie From Dusk Till Dawn, directed by Robert Rodriguez. During this time, his name was already linked with other big projects and national fame. During the following years he appeared in One Fine Day alongside Michelle Pfeiffer and Peacemaker in which he shared the screen time with actress Nicole Kidman. The role of Batman in the Batman and Robin film has proved to be a wrong step for his career; however, this doesn't stop his fans from buying George Clooney cases for Samsung among other things. Other notable work during the 90s includes the movie Three Kings directed by David Owen Russell.

Perhaps his more productive collaborations were with director Steven Soderbergh. In 2001, he got involved in the production of Ocean's eleven remake. This heist movie proved to be a huge success with critics and fans. It was elevated by a diverse cast of big Hollywood stars. This is where he made friends with Brad Pitt. The success of the movie allowed them to produce two more movies. George Clooney won an Oscar for his role in the movie Syriana. As a producer he got his second Academy Award for the film Argo. He has a Golden Globe on his mantle thanks to the role in the movie Descendants. It is needles to point out all the memorable roles of this actor and if you want to celebrate his work and talent, you can look through George Clooney mugs and get the one that will inspire you the most. It would be a perfect gift for every fan of his TV and movie roles.