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When you hear the songs Radio Gaga, Bohemian Rhapsody, We are the Champions, and A Kind of Magic, which singer comes to your mind? Obviously for any music lover the answer would be very simple, it’s Freddie Mercury. Freddie Mercury posters can be well recognized from the moustache that he had. Born in a Parsi family on 5th September 1946, his birth name was Farrokh Bulsara. His father for continuing his job at the British colonial office migrated from Gujarat in India to Zanzibar. He completed his schooling from St. Peter’s School at Panchgani, India and there his talent of music and singing were recognized. After completing his schooling he went back to Zanzibar, however due to revolution there the family had to flee to England and he went to West Thames College for pursuing his higher education. Music was in the blood of Freddie and hence from his school only he started bands. In St Peter’s he was member of the band Hectics. Although he was part of many other musical concerns yet he got full recognition when he formed the super-hit rock band “Queen.” With drummer Roger Taylorand guitarist Brian May Queen created history and became the greatest act of all time. During this time he added ‘Mercury’ to his name and apart from being the lead vocalist he also played guitar and piano often. Even holding and performing at more than 500 bands Queen was unable to satisfy their fans. Showmanship of Freddie cannot be compared to anyone and that is really reflected at any Freddie Mercury posters. During their last show at Knebworth, England Queen performed in front of crowd of over 300000. He is also known for his power to hold his audience in his hands. He is remembered as a singer who could put in fire on the stage with his voice and of course charisma. In 1987 he was diagnosed with HIV positive, however earlier he did not admitted that. Later, on 23rd November 1991 his manager announced about his illness and he expired on the following day that is 24th November 1991 as a result of bronchial pneumonia that was result of HIV AIDs. He left his legacy for everyone he knew, from his chef to his near ones.