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Born as Floyd Joy Sinclair, Floyd Joy Mayweather, Jr is one of the most talented of professional boxers in USA. Naturally, there is hardly any doubt that his posters will all be about his expertise as a boxer, his power, and his charisma within the ring. The photographers have not lost the opportunity to make the Floyd Mayweather Jr posters really astounding in a number of ways. In some of them Sinclair is seen posing with his boxing gloves on against a blank background with his muscles and his enormous power very much palpable. The arrangement of lights are such that the lights are reflecting off the muscles of the great warrior and the sweat or sprinkled water – whatever it is making the muscles all the more apparent. In some of the Floyd Mayweather Jr posters he appears as a hungry lion raring to jump into the ring and tear apart his opponent. These posters only express his killer instinct in the more intrinsic way. There are certain posters in which he appears to showcase his enchanting body with those flowing muscles, which only prove his strength and stamina as an athlete. It is not that in the posters he appears to be sexy. How can a boxer be sexy? He does not have the macho image of a metrosexual guy, not that he is romantic in his looks. He is rough and tough and goes rightly for a professional boxer like him. He means power and he means business in the ring and that is what he is always looking forward to. Have at look at the Floyd Mayweather Jr posters and you will instantly have a feeling that the guy is not out there to satisfy you with his looks and the way he appears on the posters. They are as if the showcase his power and point out a warning that it is will not be fair to mess with him. It is better to leave him out in the cold and the ones who will be challenging his powers will only be bringing doomsday for themselves. At least that is what his eyes and the sternness of his face in the posters say.Google+