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Fall Out Boy posters will remind you of the biggest emo-pop band stars. They have been major heartthrob of thousands of teenagers who shouted along with their shout along tunes. They are among the first bands that have used the social media and internet for marketing their songs. They have spread information about music and got connected to their fans easily through the modern communication system. They have tried everything to market themselves that includes FOB branded video games to MySpace ads. Making of the band Although this American alternative rock band gained popularity in 2005, they started their journey back in 2001 in Wilmette, Chicago. Pete Wentz, bassist and Joe Trohman, guitarist were the first to form this band. They auditioned Patrick Stump as drummer and selected him as the lead singer and the rhythm guitarist. Later they were joined by a drummerAndy Hurley. During the groups 2002 debut with “fallout Boy's Evening Out with Your Girlfriend” they started without the drummer. They worked on many songs that made them popular enough to attract the attention of island Records who signed them and released the album, “From Under the Cork Tree.” It was Wentz among them who came to limelight first. He confided to the press about the overdose of sleeping pills, his nude images released from his phone and dating with pop singer Ashley Simpson, all made him celebrity among the other members of the group. Later in 2008 he got married to the pop singer Simpson. There are numerous Fall Out Boy posters that track the journey of this immensely popular band. Albums and style of music When it comes to the music style of the Fall Out Boy’s its eclectic mix. The lyrics of the songs are taken by care by Wentz while Stump gets all the arrangements done. They released their full length record in May 2003 and named it “Take this to your Grave.” In 2005, “From Under the Cork tree” was released as their first major label. Their single “Sugar, we are going down” had got up to #8 in Billboard hot 100 chart. The video for this song was honored by MTV Video Music Award in 2005. They were also nominated as the best new Artist in Grammy 2006. There were a number of other albums that were released in the coming years and got accolades from the public as well as critics. Some of them were “infinity on High” released in 2007. Marketing by FOB Apart from making great albums they knew how to get attention from public. They tried and implemented almost every marketing strategy for getting inside the home of their fans. There were dolls released in 2006, comic books in 2009, fashion line by Wentz in 2006, chain of bars by Angels and king. In 2008, their most attention grabbing ruse was to get their name in Guinness Book of world records for being the first band to play in all the seven continents. However, they could not as they were not able to perform in Antarctica. Getting Fall Out Boys posters from idposters.com will remind you and others that although they had broken apart, till their fans are waiting for another great gig from them.Google+