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Emma Watson posters and prints, 1369 items

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While going through the Emma Watson posters (or maybe it should be Hermione posters!) on “” and you realize the meaning of the word “transition”. Yes that is the only word you can say, as the little vibrant girl magician slowly transforms before your eyes into a beautiful young woman. The collection of Emma Watson posters here are worth every penny you pay for it especially if you are a fan of her or if you want to present it to someone who adores her. Apart from all the eight films of Harry Potter series, her other notable films were Noah, Perks of being a wallflower and “This is the end”. Many moments from these films and other occasions have been captured and showcased in the Emma Watson posters shown here. From the year 2002 to 2014 she has won more than 14 internationally acclaimed awards and has been nominated for them more than 25 times. This poster collection depicts moments from her various award functions, social events, photo sessions, magazine cover pages and glimpses from her famous films. Her posters are worth going for if you want to showcase and adore this impressive beauty in your privacy zone.