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Emma Roberts posters are little different from that of other celebrities down here because of the fact that you won’t find any raunchy explicitly exposing pictures in this, but instead of that you get elegant, decent photos of the erstwhile teenage sensation. Emma started her career in the shadow of successful actors from “Roberts” family (Eric, Julia and Lisa who are her Father and Aunts respectively), by acting in the films “Blow”, Big Love, Grand Champion, “Spymate” etc. in short supporting roles and ended up with her big time lead role in the TV serial “Unfabulous”, after which she started getting lead role in films straight away. Emma Roberts posters showcase the fabulous (or “Unfabulous”) actress in various attires ranging from casuals and sport wear to classical designer evening gowns. Her photos depicting her snowboard skiing passion are just amazing where you see the actress gleaming with joy and thrill. Her evening gown shots during various award ceremonies and social events seen in these Emma Roberts posters are wonderful to watch due to the fabulous smile of the actress. She had also started her brief but successful singing career with soundtracks for her serial and other movies. Her cover photos from various major magazines like “Teen Vogue” etc. are also seen here.