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If you look at any of the Eminem posters, you would hardly find the rapper smiling. There is a reason to this. Born as Marshall Bruce Mathers III, young Eminem had a troubled school life and later on he faced a lot of challenges in establishing himself as a rapper as he got rejected by fellow rappers owing to his race. However, after battling all the odds, the talented rapper finally succeeded in making a name in the world of rap music over the last one decade. Marshall becomes Eminem As a student, Eminem had a very troubled life. Not only he was poor at studies, but he never made any close friends at school. He had traumatic experiences like being eaten up in the hall or being shoved into the lockers at school. After failing at the 9 th grade for three times, Marshall dropped High School. Despite being a poor student, he was never poor at English and his command over the language was something that helped him pursue a career in rap music later on. Initially he used the initials of his name M&M, which soon got evolved to a simplified version of Eminem. The world of rap music was dominated by the Blacks during that time and as a white, it was pretty difficult for Eminem to make a mark for himself in the rap music industry. His first album ‘Infinite’ sold less than a thousand copies. Eminem starts becoming famous After an initial struggle for a few years, it was in 1997 when luck seemed to be a bit on the rapper’s side. He performed well in the 1997 Ram Olympics that was held in LA and finished second there. Thanks to his stars, Eminem got spotted by a few producers from Interscope who served as the connecting link between Eminem and the legendary rapper Dr. Dre. This turned out to be a turning point in Eminem’s life. While working with Dr. Dre, Eminem released his first studio album, ‘The Slim Shady LP’. While this album couldn’t make it to number 1 on any of the charts, but it sold more than 18,000,000 copies worldwide. There was no looking back for Eminem after this. His second studio album, ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’ was an even bigger success and the album topped the charts of US, Australia, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand and United Kingdom. More than 32 million copies of this album got sold worldwide and in US alone the sales figures touched almost 11 million. Professional work of Eminem The studio albums that followed topped the charts of different countries and took the name and fame of Eminem to great heights, consolidating his position as a top performer in the field of rap music. ‘the Eminem Show’, ‘Encore’, ‘Relapse’, ‘Recovery’ ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’, each one of these studio albums topped international charts and earned him huge success and money. His song ‘Lose Yourself’ earned him the 2002 Academy Awards for Best Original Song. With this award, Eminem became the first rapper to receive an Academy Award in the history of the prestigious awards. Fans of Eminem have been hanging Eminem posters to show their love and affection towards the great rapper. If you want to get your copy of Eminem posters, you can try out sites like where you would get various colored and B&W posters of this legendary rapper at reasonable price.