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Elvis Presley, the founder and King of Rock and Roll music was born 8 January 1935 and was considered to be the most dominant cultural icon of the past century. He is one of the most influential as well as celebrated musician that the world has ever seen. His enigma was such that Elvis Presley is still considered to be a force in the world of music. The iconic hairstyle of this legendary performer which is well captured in the Elvis Presley posters is being emulated by young men till date and whenever there is any mention of style and fashion, the name of Elvis Presley would invariably come up. Early years of Elvis Born as Elvis Aaron Presley, the legendary musician and actor used to be a shy boy while he attended school. While he used to be very close to the guitar that he had got as a birthday gift, pursuing a career in music was never in the radar of young Elvis. During his early years he did many odd jobs at different places, which included being a truck driver or working as the usher at local movie theatre. A new genre of Rock and Roll gets formed Elvis Presley started developing a huge fan following by 1955 when he switched to music. Owing to his good looks, unique musical styles and the gyrating hips, Presley could very easily make a place for himself in the world of music. He is believed to be the founder of the Rock n Roll genre of music. Soon enough, his career took flight and he was so popular that you could find Elvis Presley almost everywhere. Elvis Presley posters were seen in every young boy or girl’s room, Elvis was heard on the radio, he was seen on the television and the silver screens. Elvis recorded 24 albums during the period of 1956 to 1977, all of which although could not manage to get to the number one slot on the US billboards or other international charts, but the charisma of Elvis Presley was very much predominant and the albums sold like hot cakes. 136 million albums units has been sold only in US, which made Elvis Presley the best selling solo album artist in the history of American music industry. The acting career of Elvis Presley It was during the 1960s when Elvis moved to Hollywood and starred in many films. Owing to the stunning good looks and impeccable acting skills, he could easily make a name for himself as an actor in Hollywood. Most of Presley’s movies did extremely well at the Box Office with earnings of $150 million in total. Presley acted in 31 movies and 10 television shows during his career which earned him a couple of golden Apple Awards in addition to limitless fame and money. Even after the untimely death of this great artist on 16 August 1977, the charisma and influence of Elvis still continues to rule the music industry. Artists like Elvis Presley are immortal as they live in the music that is being created by them and they live in the hearts of billions of their fans who still hang Elvis Presley posters on their walls, even after 39 years of his death. If you are a fan of this legendary musician and actor, order your copy of Elvis Presley posters at idposter.com now.