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American presidency elections have never experienced such hysteria before until Donald trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States of America. Presidents have come and gone but no other president has managed to generate so much support and hatred at the same time. Elected from the Republican Party, Donald J Trump has always been in the news during the entire election campaign. From making controversial statements about his rivals to dismissing rumors about his personal life - he did everything to make it to the next day's news headlines.

He has been a huge polarizing figure and right from the beginning of his presidential campaign till the time he took charge of the Oval office, Donald Trump has shown absolute disdain for anything that he didn't consider being American. Thus, he gave orders to build the wall along the Mexican border, cancel the visas of people from certain Muslim majority countries and even criticizing some of the most popular policies of his predecessor Barrack Obama. Thus during his campaigning days as well as after he was elected the president, Donald Trump posters have been in huge demand.

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