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If you are one of the million admirers of the longest running science fiction TV series, Doctor Who, you would certainly have one or two Doctor Who posters in your room. The serials that started in 1963 continue to get aired on BBC till the date with a gap of 16 years in between from 1989 to 2005. Who is Doctor Who? Why is he so popular? Doctor Who is a fictional time traveler from a fictitious planet called Gallifrey. He travels in his spaceship called TARDIS, which incidentally looks more like a blue police force phone box. The photo of the TARDIS can also be seen in the Doctor Who posters. He tours the Universe with his companions and is always busy fighting injustice, helping the distressed and leaving his mark on the canvas of space and time. The reason why Doctor Who’s popularity has not declined over such long years and people still look for Doctor Who posters is that the program has remodeled itself as per the changing views of the audience. It has ensured that it keeps pace with changing times and continues to connect with the TV audience. The current day serials of the program continue to do the same. The character has been played by several actors over these years. The change of the physical appearance of the Doctor looked perfectly justified as the character of the Doctor is shown capable to regenerate into a new physical appearance when he has mortally injured. The friends and foes of the Doctor Over the years, Doctor Who has been seen with companions who are beautiful and attractive. The companions are seen reminding the Doctor of his moral duties, which seem to be a major role for them. While there has been not much of romance between the Doctor and his companions, yet the presence of the foxy companions have sure been a treat to the eyes for the watchers of the serial. These companions are seen with the Doctor in the Doctor Who posters as well, which would encourage you further to hang one of these posters on the walls. If there are the beautiful damsels in the role of companions, there are the heinous monsters as antagonists as well. Some of the most famous villains with whom the Doctor had close encounters include The Master, The Daleks, Cybermen, Autons, Ice warriors, The Black Guardian, and Omega, just to name a few. Of all the villains, the most persistent one has been the Cybermen, and the cleverest one has been The Master. Without these foes, the character of Doctor Who would not have been this popular as it is today. You can easily place an order for Doctor Who posters at that offers many posters on the Doctor and his companions. Many interesting scenes from the Doctor Who series are captured in the Doctor Who posters, which makes them highly demanded by numerous fans of the Time Lord from the planet of Gallifrey. Posters of various qualities can be ordered on and we give our customers the freedom of choosing any size and quality of canvas they desire. We ensure that only the best quality printing materials are used for creating the best posters of celebrities.