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Collection of Danica Patrick posters on “idposter.com” can be aptly called “The beauty and the beast” at least for a bigger part of those posters where you see the beautiful American car racer and model in sexy and appealing lingerie posing with beast like powerful yet amazingly interesting cars. There are lots of beautiful ladies out there, who are associated with the automobile and racing world; mostly as hostesses, models or show girls etc. but there are very few woman racers out there in this men dominated world of racing and that too to find a beautiful woman racer is just next to impossible. So Danica Patrick posters are sure to be one of a kind. Danica is the only woman racer who has had some amount of success competing with the men racers in the “IndyCar” and “NASCAR” tournaments of America. Some of those elegant and wonderful photos of her races are also there in this Danica Patrick posters collection. These posters from her fantastic photo sessions tell that Danica enjoys her work as a photo model as much as her racing. The grace and elegance reflecting from her posters are in no way lesser than real professional models.Google+