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Tijs Michiel Verwest is DJ and is more known as Tiësto to his fans. If you have come across the dj Tiësto Posters you must have seen a lively young guy, with a lively smile playing off in a discotheque. That is his professional and hence you will find Tiësto in the Discotheques – there is nothing new in it. But the thing that makes the difference is the acumen that he mixes in his job and the way he enjoys every bit of it. Most importantly, the extent of his enjoyment is very much palpable in his posters. His eyes are always full of life and sparkling and his body language is always extremely positive, and this spreads that vibe that is so much required to bring out the right spirit in the discotheque. If you look at the dj Tiësto Posters you will not only see a DJ, but a true professional who is does not leave any stone unturned to bring the best out. In some posters, he is looking like a hero, with black glasses and black outfit, the picture being snapped with a blurred background, giving it an out of the world tinge. In some posters, he is seen in front of a sunny landscape with a cool summer outfit, casual and as a tourist –as if he doesn’t care about anything in this world. But all there are illusion, for he knows to transform himself depending upon the situation he is in. That is more than apparent in the images that you find in his posters. There’s lies his specialty. He never typecasts himself in the posters. And the photographers have considered this as an advantage. Just look at the dj Tiësto Posters and you will find that they come at you in a variety. There are such a wide variety of them and you will hardly find such a variety of posters for a single person. While in some you see him as a tourist, in others you see him almost like a robot, in some you find as a true dj who is almost robbed by the crowd before him, while in some you find him as business tycoon in perfect professional attire. The most amazing part is that he suits in all the types of getups and that is what he is!Google+