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Cynthia Ann Stephanie "Cyndi" Lauper, the 62 year old singer, lyricist and the LGBT activist is indeed one of the hottest subjects when it comes to shooting for posters. Her career has spanned more than 30 years and she has a number of albums to her credit. That is something to do with her singing prowess. However, when it comes to her posters, things are very different. That she is bold is evident from the fact that she is a LGBT activist and this is apparent in her posters, in which she appears as a messiah of new age sexual revolution. She is quite good looking in her posters. However, the Cyndi Lauper posters are not all about her beauty or how good looking she is. They are all about the boldness and her attitude. She never obeys any rule and put on attires and makes ups as per her wish. Her revolutionary attitude is very much apparent through the way she poses in the posters. She has a nice figure – which is attractive. However, she is not very interested in see-how- beautiful-I-am kind of stuff. Nor that she is interested in showing off her assets to attract the opposite sex. She is a revolutionary character and that she depicts through her lyrics and songs, and performance on the stage. Her attitude in her posters supports the same. At times, she is seen in a desperate mood in some of the weirdest ornaments while at times she is skimpily dressed in the Cyndi Lauper posters. Seldom will you find her showing off her assets or looking the lens with that fairy tale kind of smile – never! She is shouts, she smokes, she uses slangs on stage and she asks for a change in the society. This is what she does through her songs and her lyrics. That is why, she maintains that revolutionary image in her posters – someone who is always dissatisfied with the system and someone who is hell bent to bring in a change. Hence, n the Cyndi Lauper posters mean a message for change and that is quite palpable in the way she appears in front of the lens.Google+