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Magic has genuinely returned into the spotlight as of late and artist like Criss Angel are to be thank for it. This illusionist has taken magic to the following level to make an execution second to none in the business. His Mindfreak show has made a clique like after and has dispatched Criss Angel to the highest point of the magic world. Criss Angel posters are now common for any magic lover. Before he was Criss Angel, he was known as Christopher Sarandakos. He was born in New York, getting into the show biz was not a stretch for this youth who know to grab attention. At the young age of six, his auntie took out a deck of cards and demonstrated Christopher his first trick and he was snared. Through the years, his enthusiasm for magic kept on growing and school turned into reconsideration as he had decided by then that he would love to be an expert magician. As Christopher made his move to Criss Angel, he would collect overall approval for Criss Angel Mindfreak, an A&E Network show. The is performed in Las Vegas and shows such illusions as Criss strolling on water, suspending, and drifting between structures. Some of his more radical tricks, for example, cutting him fifty-fifty before the group of onlookers, still have viewers confused. At the point when Criss turned even more effective, he was given his own particular show at the Luxor in Las Vegas called Believe. This was a joint exertion with Cirque du Soleil and rapidly turned into one of the "must see" demonstrates on the strip. Angel later created a huge controversy that even dented his popularity when he made a few negative remarks to Perez Hilton one night during a show. While Cirque du Soleil attempted to correct the circumstances with a statement of regret, Hilton had as of now let his fingers do the strolling, brutally scrutinizing the show. What is never revealed through the Criss Angel posters are that Angel holds several records and one of them is being submerged under water for longest time. He also holds the record for escaping from the straitjacket in just two minutes and thirty seconds! That really fast!