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For the music lovers who need a lot of skin show and eroticism, the Courtney Love is the name to reckon. This 51 year old American alternative rock singer, actress visual artist and song writer loves to bare it all on stage and that is her USP. Hence, you quite often come across Courtney Love posters in which she is either found topless or she is about the bare it all on stage. That’s what means and that is what makes the difference when it comes to snapping her image. The one thing that is different in her is that there is no hide and seek that she indulges in, in her posters or while performing in the stage. She has a perfect figure and she never hesitates showing it off. The most amazing part of her philosophy is that she never shows she is 51. She is evergreen and that is why she is so adorable even to the younger generation. She sings the way today’s generation thinks, she leads a life that is so close to the heart of today’s generation and there is always an element of vibrancy in her and that is very much apparent in her posters. She does not care about her hair cut, not about her image. She smokes on stages, she makes a mess of her blonde hear and so in the Courtney Love posters you will see hardly any hide and seek kind of stuff or there isn’t much of light and shade either. The posters are as open as it can be with everything thrown open in a kind of bold way, as if to reflect her straightaway his-is-me philosophy that today’s generation likes the most. You will find her in posters that are bold enough for you thing that she is a bad girl. But the reality is – she is the ‘guy thing’ as some say, coming up with a nonchalant appeal that will make you think a bit. This insouciance makes her so much different from the rest of the lot. At 51, very few can be that bold in her posters.