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Jacoba Francisca Maria or Cobie Smulders is 33 year old Canadian model as well as an actress, who is known for her roles in films like Walking Tall, Ill Fated, The Long Weekend, Captain America, The Avengers, and the likes. With blond, golden hair and a beautiful pair of smoky blue eyes, she is one of the prettiest faces in film industry today. Now let get into the details of the Cobie Smulders posters. In each poster she appears, Cobie is seen in various moods. While in some, she will appear in a still or scene from one of her movies, in some she will appear as a model, showing up her beauty. She is ravishing to start with. Being the owner of one of the prettiest faces, she appears like a real diva in the posters. She has one of the most stunning figures in the showbiz and she knows that and she does not hesitate to show it off – and very rightly so. She has not just one of the most photogenic faces, but she has the perfect figure to show off. Her wide torso, beautifully shaped breasts and hips, a sexy pair of legs , all collectively give her an out of the world tinge that the Cobie Smulders depict in a picture perfect way. She appears in her posters in a wide various forms, ways and dresses, sporting new and revolutionary looks, but all she keeps her flag of sex appeal flying high. Notwithstanding her acting prowess, she know that one of the most significant USPs that she has is her looks that is so very backed by her sizzling sex appeal. She very rightly flaunts is in the right way, through her looks and body language, so much so that you will start thinking quite a bit of ‘certain’ things about her, when you see her in these lustrous outfits. She shows her assets rarely in her posters. In many, you will see her ‘properly’ dressed, with the dangerous curves very much apparent, but only from over her clothes, and the juicy cleavages, showing – only just. Yet, it is the beauty of her appeal, and the smoothness of her beauty, which will leave you fascinated. Another thing is that she knows very well how to exploit your wild fantasies. She will never let you go loose on her, nor will she keep you guessing. She gives you a very clear idea about how she might look without the dresses and in the bed, but will leave you chucking in those thoughts. In addition – of course, the props and the styles, the background and the light and shade effects of the Cobie Smulders do all the rest!