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Cindy Cawford is perhaps one of the most celebrated faces all over the world, especially after she was selected the rand ambassador of Omega watches. Those days are long gone! Cindy is now 49 but age has hardly been able to lessen her glamour and sex appeal. In fact, with age she ripened and has become more glamorous. At least, that’s what the Cindy Crawford posters say. Her face, with that tiny maul just over left edge of her upper lip has added to her glamour. With age, she has lost some of the shine she had. But that has been replaced by a robust appeal that is very much palpable in her eyes, her lips and her overall face. In the posters that finesse and matured appeal of a woman who is fast approaching her middle age is captured by the camera in a magnificent way and perhaps, that is the USP of the modern day Cindy Crawford posters. She never had a voluptuous figure and hence, she never believed in too much exposure of her skin. Her USP has always been controlled sexual appeal being more or less covered, except for occasional flashing of her juicy lips, the edges of her boobs and waist and the likes. In one she is seen topless and covering her assets with her palms. But that was ages back! She has always created a mystery around her, which she enjoyed to the fullest. She always has a tremendous sense of limit and an ability to change her approach. She has been in modeling, acting, and has been a very successful television personality. Now each of these facets has its own way of presentation and she has always been able to change and transform her own self as per the need. That has been her key to success. Naturally, her posters differed a lot. When you see Cindy Crawford posters in which she is a television personality, she is controlled, sober and looks to be someone in complete control of her show. Again, when she is a model she is totally different in her looks, her attires and her approach. It is this wide variety that makes the Cindy Crawford posters a great hit!