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Ciara Princess Harris, who is mononymously famous as Ciara is an American song writer and singer, dancer and actress and also a fashion model. This 29 year old talent is one of the most famous faces in the American showbiz industry. That fame is partly for her astoundingly photogenic face and highly seductive figure, partly for her singing and acting prowess and partly for her tremendous on stage and on screen presence. All these have created a huge effect in the psyche of her fans and that is exploited to the fullest by the men behind the camera, especially when it comes to designing and shooting of the Ciara posters. Take a look at her and you will feel the difference! It’s not that she is very voluptuous with some highly prominent assets. One the contrary, she has a figure of an athlete, with no so much heavy hips and boobs that go a long way in the making of a seductive celebrity. Still, the most prominent thing about her is that she knows how to carry them and show them off well within her limitation. It is this sense of balance that makes her special. She will never show off her cleavage, for her cleavage is not deep enough to ignite the fire in the opposite sex or raise the eyebrows of her compatriots. Still, she will expose herself to the very limits, but stopping just short of opening up too much and that creates the magic. In addition, her highly attractive face, an inviting pair lips, and a pair of deep and maddening eyes that will take the hell out of you back this. In one word, she is perfect woman for you to fantasize. All these, understandably, make her one of the most sought after subjects when it comes to making of posters. And she exploits her plus points to the fullest in the making of the Ciara posters. She will come up with some highly provocative poses, divulging her urge to ‘meet’ you in the most shameless way and that, coupled with the lights and props, backgrounds and settings, sets up the perfect ambiance for the making of some really good and exhilarating Ciara posters.Google+