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Christy Mack posters, 55 items

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Christy Mack is a 19 year old American nude model as well as a feature dancer and an ex porn star. She is needless to say sensuous and beautiful with an appealing pair of lips, inviting eyes a stunning figure that is pregnant with some highly dangerous curves in the form of one of the sexiest pairs of boobs in the adult entertainment industry, a pair of heavy hips and an overall maddening figure that will force anyone drop their pants. However, that is more or less common with these showgirls. But the thing that makes her a bit different from the others is her outrageous attitude. If you have a look at the Christy Mack posters, that outrageous look and attitude of Mack will be more than palpable. With some out of this world outfits, and punk like haircuts and tattooed skins, she is surely a bit different from others, who all like to keep things as neat and clean as possible. She has broken the rules in every way. The way she presents herself in her posters does all the talking for her. The way she poses in front of the lens, the way she dresses herself up, the extent of skin she shows and the way she presents her assets, it is quite evident that she will leave no stone unturned when it comes to exploring your secret fantasies, no matter how weird they are. She will even go to the extent of fulfilling your fetishes in the most melodramatic way, to make things more sensuous for you and that’s where she breaks all the bars and goes a bit of extra miles. The photographers have also danced in her tune in the most obsessive way. They have made her appear in the most radical outfits, against the most awe inspiring backgrounds, with the weirdest props that make the Christy Mack posters look really out of this world, yet the most attractive. Those who would like to have Christy Mack posters on their personalized items, they can have them on their mouse pads and t-shirts, magnets, puzzles, pillows, mugs for tea or coffee, cases for iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s, 6/6s, iPad 2/3/4 and the same for cases for Samsung Galaxy S4, S5.Google+