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What is the best and the first thing that you see in most of the Christina Hendricks posters? There is no point in guessing – it is her gorgeous cleavage. Yes – that is what most of her posters mean to her fans. That is the magic of Christina Hendricks, the 40 year old American actress, who already been nominated for six Emmy Awards and has been a very popular face in a number of Hollywood blockbusters. She is beautiful – there is no doubt in doubt in it. She is blonde and is voluptuous with some amazing assets that make her look so sexy and attractive. She is quite aware of her beauty, she flaunts her assets in the most proactive way, and there lies her beauty. Her complexion, her pulsating eyes that will tear you apart, he blonde, flowing hair, her lustrous pair of lips, the impish grin, her mannerisms – everything combines into one – making that vivacious effect that she is famous for. The cameramen who are assigned to snap her images for the Christina Hendricks posters have one thing very much common in them. They know what to focus on! While some pin their interest on her lustrous eyes and her inviting lips, some put more emphasis on her figure and the statistics that make her a sex diva. She does not hesitate to flaunt them either. In addition, especially in posters, she is particularly very possessive about herself and her assets so much so that she looks very much self-obsessed. This self-obsession makes her great in her posters. However, she is not the only one to be such! Virtually all the Hollywood celebrities these days are self-obsessed. The posters that she appears in are not just to showcase her sex appeal or personality. Some of them are indeed piece of art with Christina appearing like an angel or a fairy with an out of this world background and there as well, she is seen looking at you with her shiny eyes, piercing your inner self and bringing your mind out and reading it thoroughly, as if to gauge the lust that you had been pouring on her while looking at her posters.Google+