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Christina María Aguilera or simply Christina Aguilera is an American actress, songwriter, and singer. She is the darling of today’s generation – and why not? With a pair of highly erotic eyes, a lustrous figure that is pregnant with dangerous curves here and there, she is the blue eyed woman of a number of young and not so young fans around the world. The Christina Aguilera posters are really hot, or better to say, they are designed to make her look hot and sexy. Everything about her is hot – to say the least. Her blonde hairs, her eyes, and the way she looks in at the lens in the posters – everything is bound to create a stir in the heart of her fans – men, women alike. She is never the next door – that is unmistakably true. There is always a mysterious aura around her and it is this aura that makes her so special. There are certain posters where she is almost nude and seen covering her assets either with her hands or with a piece of skimpy dress, while in some, she is seen caressing her hair and fondling them with her fingers. In some, she is in lingerie, sitting in the most seducing pose that is inviting enough for any man, while in some others, she is found dangerously exposing her assets, but only ‘just’ raising enough curiosity in the onlookers. That is why the Christina Aguilera posters are so very different. Full marks need to be given to the men behind the camera and the art directors who were involved in the making of the posters. They have done more than enough to make her look so venomous, so sexy and so seductive. One of the most famous posters of Christina is the one in which she appears in white lingerie and a white tall boot and posing sideways. Her looks in that poster is just mesmerizing. The way she is looking almost through her hair is more than enchanting. And that is the magic web she spins around her. The Christina Aguilera posters do fullest justice to her image and that is the reason these posters are really something so reverberating in the Page 3 fraternity.