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Chris Hemsworth posters, 505 items

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Chris Hemsworth posters can be otherwise called as Thor posters isn’t it? Chris Hemsworth is synonymous with the Marvel comics’ hero Thor because of the amazing role of Thor he played in Thor and Avengers. Chris Hemsworth posters on “” depict his modeling endeavors, personal life, Thor pictures and glimpses of his other movies and social involvement. In one word the collection of Chris Hemsworth posters is a true reflection of the talented actor depicting moments from his real life and reel life. It is also a show of his handsomeness and macho looks. Chris Hemsworthhas evolved from an angry young man image to a mature macho superhero image through the years and this is well observed through the photo posters we have at our website. His noted roles in Cash, “Red dawn”, Rush, » The cabin in the woods” etc. have been imprinted in our minds for the sheer brilliance of acting. The Australian actor has also had some serious work in the Australian television such as the serial “Home and Away” where he did 185 episodes and also some reality shows like “Dancing with the stars”. These wonderful moments of his career are in some way or other present in our poster collection also.Google+