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Christopher Maurice Brown or Chris Brown is a 26 year old American dancer, actor and a recording artist, who started his career at a very early age as a church choir artist. At present, at 26 he is one of the most followed celebs in the USA today. However, we are not here to discuss his career. We are here to discuss how he presents himself in his posters. Brown is young and he has a lot of energy, and it is this energy that has given all the fame and exposure that he enjoys today. That energy is very much palpable in all the Chris Brown posters that you get to see. In those where he is seen performing, the very confidence and body language shows that he knows his job is cut out and he knows how to deliver in the best style. His vibe and energy is very much palpable in these posters and no wonder that this energy is quickly transmitted to his audiences, and this is why his shows are so much of a hit! In the ones, where he is not seen performing, and seen just showing off, it is a different ball game altogether for him. In these Chris Brown posters, he is seen in jovial mood, showing off his muscles and a spectacular body and you will feel that there is always an aura of positivity all around him. His muscles, his eyes, his broad smile, his body language and even the attire he comes up with, say collectively, that he means business! You will find him in different moods – in some he will just appear like a model, and in some hi will come up to show of different styles, and to underline the fact that he looks best in any attire and style. Even the men behind the lens have done a wonderful job! They have made Chris come up with various outfits, all of which makes him extremely stylish and sophisticated. In addition, the props, the lights, the backgrounds that are used, make the Chris Brown posters more stylish. There are a lot of innovations and out of the world styles followed in the making of the posters. In each and every one of them, Chris looks different from the others. However, all said and done, in all these posters he has made one this very clear – that in whatever way he comes up in these posters, he will always look the best and his appearance would say that no matter in whatever style the poster is being made, he will make sure that he is the star attraction, who will leave you dumbstruck and awe inspired! In all the posters, Chris would look a perfect person, who knows how to steal the show!