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Charlotte McKinney is a 22-year-old American adult model who had shot into fame after feature in the famous “Playboy’ magazine as one of the highest paid playmates in America. Coming to the Charlotte Mckinney posters and describing them, the first thing that comes to the mind of a watcher is eroticism at its best. Mckinney is simply astounding in front of the lens. She is ravishing, with her stylish blonde hair with a stunning figure, which will make any woman of any age envious. A voluptuous pair of breasts, a slim torso, bordered by holy pair of hips and extremely sexy pair of legs – she has eroticism written with capital E written all over her. Even the way she looks underlines that. In all the Charlotte McKinney, where the sex diva appears, she looks in the most ‘dirty’ way, which you will never be able to ignore and you will surely be mesmerized by that look. Though she is fresh, elegant and enchanting with a refreshing smile and looks that are overwhelmed by her sense of sexuality, her poses, postures, and the dresses that she puts on when appearing in the posters makes sure she means sex, and only sex and nothing else! In virtually all the posters that feature McKinney, you can see her promoting her ravishing figures in some of the most sensuous poses, flaunting her stunning assets, so much so that there is no denying of the fact that she will take seconds to set the bed on fire, if given the opportunity. This is virtually a ‘come ‘n conquer’ scenario for her, when she knows that she has a task cut out and she knows the best ways to do that. Even the photographers her by taking the right snap, with the right light and shades, right angles, right props and the most apt backgrounds that make the her more lively. Those who would like to have Charlotte McKinney posters on their personalized items, they can have them on mouse pads, t-shirts, magnets, puzzles, pillows, mugs for tea or coffee, cases for iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s, 6/6s, iPad 2/3/4 and the same for cases for Samsung Galaxy S4, S5.