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Chad Michael Murray – the chocolate boy! This is probably the best way to describe this 33- year-old American spokesperson, actor, writer and a former fashion model. If you have any fascination towards a celebrity with an innocent chocolate boy image, Murray is the one you need to bank on. He has a mesmerizing appeal and that is his USP, especially when it comes to taking his photographs for the Chad Michael Murray posters. However, if you thing that his posters are only to reveal his innocent looks, you have lost it. In him, you find a sparkling blend of cuteness and toughness and his posters are all about blending these two qualities in the seamless way. You will find some, in which Murray is seen in shirt with open buttons. These posters reveal his abs, and in those, where he appears with bare body he looks is damn sexy and when the appeal culminates in that innocent face with that impish grin and that bubbly blonde hair, the entire effect is mesmerizing. That is where the Chad Michael Murray posters make the difference. Special credit needs to be given to the photographers, who strike the right balance between these two very attractive features of Murray – his face and his physique. The clever use of backgrounds, lights, the dress the props used in the posters make Murray an enchanting identity, that goes a long way in attracting people – especially from the opposite gender. Yes, Murray is a sex symbol – there is no doubt in it. His personality, speaking prowess, acting skills, and his way of handling media and camera all blending into one, thus making his one of the most followed, adored and liked young celebrities of the present days. Chad Michael Murray posters at times come with certain captions – keeping calm and loving and stuffs like that. Whatever is said, Murray is hot in every sense, so women find it difficult to stay calm when they have his posters in front and that is where this young soul from Buffalo, New York makes all the difference in this world of showbiz.Google+