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If you are looking for a celebrity with a metrosexual face and body language on a poster, you need to opt for the Chace Crawford Posters. Christopher Chace Crawford, simply known as Chace Crawford is an US actor, who is probably one of the most adored and sought after face by the fans as well as photographers. This 30 year old actor, who shot into fame with his debut film, ‘The Covenant’ in 2006, has a tough physique and a rogue, yet still-childish face that does the magic for the fans and the photographers. Truly, it is this wonderful marriage of toughness and a lollipop image that does the trick for the fans and the men with the camera. He is sexy –every woman says that. Especially his customary impish grin, his unshaven lines, his lips and his deepening eyes all mix and blend into one, creating the magic that does a lot on screen as well as off the screen. In some Chace Crawford Posters the actor appears in denims and other casuals and look extravagantly casual and yet, appealing with plumb plush hair style and a boy next door attitude. That does the old trick to the female fan club. Even to men, he is someone to be put under scanner. There is no doubt about his on screen glamour and his acting prowess. However, these qualities chiefly determine the course of the careers of these celebrities and have nothing to do with their fame off the screen, especially when it comes to photo sessions and appearance on posters. There are a number of stalwarts in Hollywood who, in spite being great actors and actresses failed to be pinup men and women, simply because they either were very bad on posters, or simple didn’t care about that. That is the last thing that you can tell about Chace Crawford. He is careful about his image both on the screen and off it. And in him the photographers find one of the most appealing subjects with all the features to create a formidable fan following and it’s actually already happening.Google+