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Who can forget that mesmerizing song, “My Heart will go on & on!” at the end of that James Cameron blockbuster, ‘Titanic’? This Canadian singer has been at the helm of fame since 1996m when her first album, “Falling for you” first hit the stands and got immense popularity. However, among all her other achievements, the iconic song of “Titanic” has become a legend, which has made Deon almost a legend during her lifetime. Now speaking about the Celine Dion posters, it needs to be mentioned there is something special in them. Firstly, Celine Deon is not just a singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and an occasional actress. She is definitely one of those celebrities who cannot be drawn into Page 3 gossips, simply because of their personality, their way of handling themselves and the stature they maintain in the society. She is surely one of them. And this is the reason you will never find any of her posters depicting her in a sort of a woman-you-would-like-to-date-with kind of image. She is different from the rest of the lot. She is beautiful –yet, she is not seductive and that is very much evident from her posters. She is stylish – there is no doubt in it. She has her own fashion statements in which she appears in the posters. But she is in no way seductive. She is known not for her curves, her looks and her mannerisms that provoke others, but simply for her singing prowess, her mannerisms that are no way vulgar. She is known to be decent on stage and totally engrossed in which she does the best – singing, and the posters tell all these in a seamless fashion and for that the men behind the camera need to be thanked. The Celine Dion posters are some of the most enchanting ones that would tell how to treat a celebrity in front of the lens, and perhaps her stature in the society and her way of presenting herself have also helped a lot in that. Hence, it is Dion herself and the photographers who should equally thanked alike for some breathtaking posters, which mesmerize people without actually seducing them – something that is absolutely unusual in today’s world of showbiz.